The Samuel Gray Society

dedicated to preserving the history of colonial America and its people



Like our nation’s founders, SGS members consider their oath of allegiance a personal as well as fraternal promise.  In the past, members would recite the SGS pledge, once carved into the central truss at John Gray’s Ropeworks, before drinking a quart measure of hearty ale mixed with the dirt from King street in Boston.  Their pledge:

                    I fhall enjoy commune with the working man

                    I fhall remain vigilant againft the enemies of liberty

                    I fhall remain tolerant, except of hatred

                    I fhall remain open, except to defeat

                    and above all,

                    I fhall remember the men whofe deaths gave me freedom

                    and will not flinch to offer the fame.

Today the SGS continues to uphold these principles.  We asks its members, above all, to make a pledge to themselves, and to carry out our mission in the way best suited to each individual and his/her community.  To that effect, we ask every member to meet the following four commitments:

  1. 1. Volunteer a minimum of 40 hours per year for a secular community program of choice.

  2. 2.  Follow the advice of Ben Franklin, and  “Mind your Business”

  3. 3.  Love your country.

  4. 4.  Never forget.

Alexander Hamilton’s Oath of Allegiance to the United States, dated May 12, 1778.

Courtesy of the National Archives

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